Check Ups


Check Ups

We offer high-quality routine dental care for the whole family and make even the most nervous patients feel comfortable.

Check Ups benefits

Keep your smile healthy

Stay on top of your oral health.

Save money

Mitigate against costly procedures down the line.

Spot underlying problems

Identify issues before they become painful.

What are Check Ups?

A dental check-up is an opportunity for you to see whether you have a healthy mouth. It's not just about a bright smile, but about overall health.

For example, dentists can spot issues like cavities or gum disease early, before they turn into painful, costly problems. Plus, they give tailored advice on oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing techniques.  


How it works



The dentist will examine your mouth, teeth and gums and ask about your overall health.



Next, they’ll share tips on how to maintain a healthy mouth.



Your dentist will diagnose any problems they have spotted and talk you through a treatment plan.



As a precaution, the dentist conducts screening for early signs of mouth or throat cancer.


Next steps.

Your dentist will advise on a recommended course of action for dental care going forwards.

A word from our patients

We always want to make sure our patients have an exceptional experience and leave our practices with happy smiles. Here are some of our most recent success stories.

The service I received at Rodericks Dental Partners was amazing. They were there for me every step of the way and eased my worries.

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