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At Rodericks Dental Partners, we believe everyone deserves access to quality dentistry. By connecting the communities we serve with the outstanding care they want, we will improve people’s lives now, and for generations to come.

Take it from the team

Rodericks Dental Partners is more than just a career; our mentorship means you can develop your skillset, make lifelong connections, and work within your local community.​

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our team has to say:

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Pooja, FD+1

The FD+1 scheme has allowed me to grow my confidence and skills within a safe environment, and it's provided me with opportunities which I wouldn't have been able to access otherwise.

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Evripidis, International Dental Graduate

You won’t find a better introduction to dentistry, anywhere. You have time to acclimatize to the system without UDA stress, it’s a nice intro to the system. It’s easy to find patients, and Rodericks Dental Partners don't expect the world.

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Natasha, International Dental Graduate

My mentor was experienced and I never felt I was on my own. There was no rush to see patients, and no pressure to meet targets. I could go at my own pace. My mentor was experienced, knew what he was doing and offered the support I needed.

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