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St Mary’s Place Dental Practice Joins the Rodericks Dental Partners Family

Rodericks Dental Partners is delighted to announce the latest addition to our expanding family—St Mary’s Place Dental Practice in the heart of Stafford. Catering to patients in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas, this well-established practice is conveniently situated in the town centre.

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Westbourne Dental Practice Joins Our Commitment to Exceptional Dental Care

We are pleased to share the exciting news of the newest member of the Rodericks Dental Partners family: Westbourne Dental Practice in Birkenhead.

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13+ Benefits of Dry January

Many of us are partial to an extra alcoholic tipple during the holidays – additional parties and family events in December mean we are often tempted to drink more than we might normally.

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How Overseas Recruitment At Rodericks Dental Partners Works

We offer a dedicated Overseas Recruiter to take you through and support you throughout the process.

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A Day In The Life: Zhila Nickbakht - Treatment Co-ordinator

A typical day for me is extremely busy, but that’s exactly how I like it! While I’m young, fit and able I wouldn’t have life any other way!

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A Day In The Life: Phil Barton - Dentist

Being there to provide quality care for my patients and helping people feel better are personal drivers. It’s what I got into dentistry for in the first place and still gives me great satisfaction four decades later.

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A Day In The Life: Matt Ledger - Receptionist

My role includes growing the practice social media platforms and creating localised campaigns. It ties in with my Journalism degree and I’m interested in Marketing, so my plan is to pursue this and hopefully progress through the business.

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A Day In The Life: Dhaval Shah - Dentist

I’m so passionate about my job that even though some weeks can be a whirlwind of busyness, it doesn’t feel like work. And I think that’s testament to the positive environment we work in, and our focus on the patients.

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