A Day In The Life: Matt Ledger - Receptionist

My role includes growing the practice social media platforms and creating localised campaigns. It ties in with my Journalism degree and I’m interested in Marketing, so my plan is to pursue this and hopefully progress through the business.

Day in the life

At Wickersley Dental & Implant Practice we work a late night on a Monday, to help more people access appointments after work. The rest of the week from Tuesday to Friday is 9-5.

I get into work in the morning and I’m always looking forward to seeing the team. Everyone is so close, and we have a good laugh in the good times and lift each other up if anyone is struggling. 

I’ll have a drink and check through my appointments for the day and prepare for the first patient. My days are busy, but in the best way! As a receptionist I’m often the first and last interaction that patients have with the practice, so it’s really important to give a great experience from start to finish. Something as simple as a smile, or a supportive chat on the phone can be the difference between a patient having treatment or not.

The mornings pass quickly with a steady stream of patients and lots of phone calls. Then we all take our lunch hour together and sit down to eat as a team. There’s always a lot of laughter, things to catch up on and plans being made for the weekend.

After lunch we separate off to look after more patients in the afternoon. I’ll make sure the reception area is tidy and sort out any paperwork, before the phone starts ringing again. Patients will come in, and I’ll make them tea and have a chat about their families. We get to know so many of them really well as they come to us for years and we’re a small community practice. The afternoon passes as quickly as the morning, 5pm soon comes around and another successful day at Wickersley Dental & Implant Practice is done.

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