Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that racial, religious, cultural and gender diversity strengthens our team, so we encourage our practice teams to build on each other’s unique attributes to reflect the communities we serve.

We welcome applications from everyone, and to support the changing profile of the workforce, we actively support flexible working arrangements and have family-friendly policies.

Support For Overseas Recruits

Relocation support and mentorship
Full support is provided throughout the whole recruitment process including; choosing a practice and mentor to suit you, relocation & sponsorship support and help with your NHS performer number application.
Tailored learning programmes
We provide you with a tailored learning-based programme, whereby in the first year, we will set up an e-portfolio to meet your Educational Support Care Plan requirements (formerly known as conditions) set by NHS England with all of the supporting resources.
Continued professional development
In the second year, we provide you with Overseas+1 program to close any further gaps in your skill set and continue your development.

Diversity Charter

We’re committed to a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, but we understand that equality is about more than words. That’s why we’ve developed our 6-point Diversity Charter.

1 - Embrace Diversity

We celebrate differences in background, experiences, and perspectives, recognizing their power to drive innovation and understanding.

2 - Equal Opportunities

We provide a level playing field for all, promoting merit-based decisions and removing barriers to advancement.

3 - Inclusive Culture

We foster an environment where all voices are respected, valued, and heard, creating a space for open dialogue and collaboration.

4 - Continuous Learning

We invest in ongoing education, promoting awareness and empathy to enrich our collective understanding.

5 - Transparency

We hold ourselves accountable, regularly assessing progress and addressing shortcomings.

6 - Zero Tolerance

Harassment and discrimination have no place here; we take swift action against such behaviours.

Diversity and inclusion are terms that we hear often

At Rodericks Dental Partners we are committed to playing our role in making genuine and meaningful change. We want to build a truly inclusive workplace where all of our colleagues are able to bring their whole selves to work. We recognise everyone as the individual they are and the unique contribution they bring to Rodericks Dental Partners and the communities we serve. 

We want our colleagues to feel valued for their different perspectives and that their voice is important.  We encourage our leaders to role model inclusion, through listening, learning and acting on what they hear and for every colleague to be given the opportunity to voice out their thoughts and achieve their career goals.

— Nicola Ward
Chief People Officer

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