A Day In The Life: Phil Barton - Dentist

Being there to provide quality care for my patients and helping people feel better are personal drivers. It’s what I got into dentistry for in the first place and still gives me great satisfaction four decades later.

Day in the life

I get to the office about 8am, chat with the team and prepare for my patients for the day over a cup of tea. Then I wash up and get my scrubs on and it’s onto a day of patients. Most days are really busy, but every day is different. We’ve known a lot of our patients for many years, so there’s often a lot of laughter and things to chat about and catch up on.

Every patient’s needs are so different – I could be working on surgical dentistry, general check-ups, or cosmetic procedures. Advancements in technology mean that we can take impressions digitally now and results we’d previously need to wait 3 weeks for come back almost instantly. My favourite treatment to do is Invisalign and that is growing in popularity all the time. Once all appointments are done for the day, I write up my notes and head home around 6pm to spend time with my family and enjoy the evening.

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