Mouth guards


Mouth guards

Protect you or your child’s teeth with bespoke mouth guards for sport.

Mouth guards benefits

Custom fit comfort

Custom made sports guards fit snugly in your mouth for optimum comfort.

Sport injury protection

Sports guards provide superior protection to your face, teeth, jaw, and gums.

Enhanced performance

A sports guard relaxes your jaw and alleviates fear of injury, enhancing performance.

What are Mouth guards?

If you or your child engages in contact sports, a sports guard is a crucial investment. Protecting against dental injuries, trauma, and tooth loss, this cost-effective solution offers superior defence for face, teeth, jaw, and gums. Repairing dental trauma is expensive, so our custom-made mouth guard is a sensible choice.

With just two appointments, you can ensure a perfect fit and enjoy worry-free sports activities. 


How it works



A dentist assesses your requirements and discusses the need and benefits of a sports guard.



Impressions are taken using putty to create moulds of your teeth and jaw.


Laboratory Crafting.

Impressions go to a lab where they form a custom-fit, comfortable, protective sports guard.


Fitting Appointment.

Once guard is ready, a final appointment ensures the guard fits comfortably and securely.


Final Instructions and Care.

A dentist gives instructions for use and care of sports guard.

A word from our patients

We always want to make sure our patients have an exceptional experience and leave our practices with happy smiles. Here are some of our most recent success stories.

The service I received at Rodericks Dental Partners was amazing. They were there for me every step of the way and eased my worries.

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