Removable Braces


Removable Braces

Removable braces for ease, comfort, and confidence. Fast action results.

Removable Braces benefits

Beautiful smile

Removable braces straighten teeth for a beautiful, confident smile.

Fast acting

Removable braces are fast acting, delivering results you want in months not years.

Lifestyle friendly

Retainer style braces are a discreet solution, removable for eating and drinking.

What are Removable Braces?

Removable braces are a lifestyle-friendly alternative to fixed braces. Unlike fixed braces, you can remove these while eating, drinking, cleaning teeth, or during contact sport. This reduces the risk of oral health issues; and increases comfort, discretion, and easy wearing.

Plus, you’ll have these off in weeks or months, not years. With fast acting results, you can even time your dream smile for a special event. 

How it works


Examination and diagnosis.

We examine your teeth and determine if removable braces are the right choice for you.



An orthodontist will take putty impressions of your teeth to begin designing braces.


Treatment design.

The orthodontist maps how your teeth must move and designs your braces accordingly.


Braces creation.

Braces are created from acrylic plate and stainless steel to gently move teeth into place.


Adjustments and monitoring.

Return for regular visits, modifications to braces are made to give you the perfect smile.

A word from our patients

We always want to make sure our patients have an exceptional experience and leave our practices with happy smiles. Here are some of our most recent success stories.

The service I received at Rodericks Dental Partners was amazing. They were there for me every step of the way and eased my worries.


Do removable braces hurt?

Removable braces shouldn’t hurt, however there could be some soreness 3-5 days after adjustments are made, this is normal as your teeth adjust to the mould. Over the counter pain killers can relieve this discomfort.

How long does removable braces treatment take to work?

Typically, treatment with removable braces is faster than with fixed braces and is usually completed in under 12 months.

What braces options does the NHS offer?

Your braces will depend on your dental requirements. Some braces are removal, while fixed braces stay in all the time. All NHS braces are made of metal; clear or plastic systems are only available privately.

How long should I wear removable braces?

Your removal braces should be worn all the time apart from eating, brushing your teeth, or playing contact sport. The advantage of removable braces is that you can clean teeth more effectively than with fixed braces, reducing the risk of any unwanted oral health problems during treatment. Removal during eating, drinking, and sport, reduces oral health risks and chance of injury and increases your comfort.

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