Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal, or endodontic treatment can relieve tooth pain and save teeth from extraction.

Root Canal Treatment benefits

Pain relief

Remove infected or damaged tissue from teeth, effectively eliminating source of tooth pain.

Tooth preservation

Save teeth from extraction; prevent future dental issues; preserve oral health and function.

Beautiful smiles

Protect teeth, prevent dental issues, and improve oral health for beautiful smiles.

What is Root Canal treatment?

It saves teeth from extraction by removing infection from inside the tooth. It's a high-tech, routine procedure offered by our experienced dental practitioners. Infections result from various causes, such as decay, or gum disease. If left untreated, the infection can lead to severe pain, abscess, or even tooth removal.

If you’re experiencing pain or sensitivity, find a practice near you for effective and pain-free tooth saving treatment. 

How it works


Teeth Assessed.

The tooth is assessed very carefully and based on clinical findings, symptoms reported by the patient and specific radiographs to determine where the root canal treatment is indicated as a suitable treatment



Local anaesthetic is administered professionally for a more comfortable procedure.


Access Opening.

An access opening is created to reach root canals and infected pulp tissue is removed.


Clean, Shape, Fill, and Seal.

Canals cleaned, shaped, and filled with biocompatible material to seal and prevent further infection.


Sealing Crown.

The access opening is then sealed with a dental filling, and in most cases, a lab made restoration is recommended such as crown or onlay to restore function of the tooth.

A word from our patients

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The service I received at Rodericks Dental Partners was amazing. They were there for me every step of the way and eased my worries.


What is a root canal?

The root of a tooth contains a bundle of soft tissue and nerve endings known as dental pulp. If tooth decay penetrates this far, the dental pulp becomes infected and can cause severe toothache – sometimes even a tooth abscess.

Why would I need root canal treatment?

The causes of tooth infection are varied – deep decay due to cavities or gum disease, cracked fillings or crowns, and damage as a result of trauma, or even teeth grinding. Whatever the reason, a root canal treatment will prevent the need for tooth extraction and future costly treatments.

What does the root canal procedure involve?

Root canal treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and is usually a straightforward procedure, rather like getting a filling. Once the tooth is completely numb, the dentist will use a series of tiny instruments to open up the tooth and extract the infected pulp. The remaining space is cleaned and shaped, ready for filling with a rubbery substance called gutta-percha. A temporary filling is usually placed on top – the permanent restoration would be carried out in a separate appointment.

Will I need to take time off work for a root canal?

You can carry on as normal once the anaesthetic has worn off, though the full healing period will take around a week – just be careful with what you eat, how you chew and maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine.

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