Sports Guards


Sports Guards

Opt for superior protection with custom-made gum shields for sports.

Sports Guards benefits

A perfect fit

Custom sports guards are designed to fit your teeth

Prevents injury

A snug fit provides better protection than a generic mouth guard

Comfortable to wear

Such a perfect fit you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it

What are Sports Guards?

Considering a custom-made sports mouth guard? It's a shield for your teeth, jaw, and gums. The best part is it can save you a money compared to fixing a dental injury. Whether you're a pro athlete or just really into your favourite sports, investing in a sports guard could mean less worry, less expense, and more time doing what you enjoy most. 

How it works



Your dentist will take a mould of your teeth which is used to create the custom mouth guard.



Once your mouth guard is ready to collect you can try it on and take it with you to wear out on the pitch.

A word from our patients

We always want to make sure our patients have an exceptional experience and leave our practices with happy smiles. Here are some of our most recent success stories.

The service I received at Rodericks Dental Partners was amazing. They were there for me every step of the way and eased my worries.


Why choose a custom sports guard?

Because your custom sports guard is made using your dental impressions, it will fit your mouth precisely and comfortably, and help protect not only against tooth loss and injury, but also against damage to the jaw and even concussion.

How long will my custom sports guard last?

Children will need to replace their sports guard fairly regularly while their teeth and jaw are still growing. For adults, sports guards will need replacing as and when they begin to look worn – we recommend bringing your sports guard with you to your regular check-up, so that your dentist can assess its condition.

Can I wear a sports guard with braces?

Yes – because your sports guard is custom-made, it will fit snugly over any brackets or wires without causing any risk of damage or discomfort.

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